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The Torgo Arcade Blog

    UTC - Actual Progress At Last!   
      Well, after having the friend come over who gave me an old PC (but I couldn't get to work), He fixed it and it now boots! I have coppied some emulators over, however I did find (as I had expected) that the processor speed does greatly limit what can be played...

      Namely I tried running that game named after a "glove" or "challenge" and found it ran, but slowed down noticably when getting into areas with lots of ghosts and other creatures common in the game filled the screen. But at the very least I have a base system to work off of, which is still progress none the less...

      Being my wedding is just around the corner, I won't exactly be able to spend much time in the near future working on it, but at least I now have *something* to work on...

      Oh, and for the record I'm still in the beginning of chapter two in Project Arcade... As I said, I don't read much... ;)


        Anonymous Anonymous    
        Remove that dam backround picture my eyes hurt and I cant read the text....

        Bleeding amateur webmasters... grrrr

        Design it like this

        Readible clear and nice all round

        Blogger Bobby T.    
        Amature??? I've been doing web design for 8 years now... I simply threw this blog together in about half an hour... I used the same format as my primary blog, and havn't been using this enough currently to bother changing the look...

        The site you listed is a little to template like for my tastes...

        Blogger Bobby T.    
        Actually I went the wrong direction. I've been doing web design for over 10 years...

        Anonymous Anonymous    
        so any progess on your arcade pursuits or you still faffing about after a year

        MAME is not like the real thing... nice in one respect but rarely do the more modern games play well(95 ish as modern)

        amd64 1.8 ghz and its still dodgy with some games. So a 500mhz machine lol never mind

        Anyway let me know how you get on. As i may just build a cab with pc and some linux boot mod for MAME and altenatives

        think its worth a shot

        Anonymous zack    
        Where are the pics, so we can see what you are doing?

        Anonymous Anonymous    

        Anonymous PurplePenis...don't laugh    
        I'm sorry. But what is Torgo. I feel as though I've seen it before, but I can't remember.

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