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Below is a complete list of affiliates that are being used to help financially support this site. To this day, in the time has been up & running, It's been fully paid for by myself without any outside support up until the end of 2003, when the Torgo Store brought in my first earned income. At this time the ads here are an attempt to make pay for itself. This web site is currently in no danger of going off-line, however any support you can give will make it a little easier to continue to keep this site online. Being that has been online since sometime around 1997/1998-ish, I've got a very long way to go to recoup the money I've personally spent on developing & hosting this site. You can support this site by buying items from the Torgo Store, Donating money (as little as $1) using your account through the Amazon Honor System, or by visiting & buying items shown in the ads panes on the top & bottom of every page. Any support you can give will be greatly appreciated!!

Please note that NONE of the affiliates listed in any way support or condone any information displayed on this site!

Affiliate Companies CafePress hosts the Torgo Store, and is a service that anybody can use!

You too can open your own store for free! After spending a little time, you can open your own store carrying clothing and other products you deigned! Amazon is the worlds largest online book store!

They also carry countless other types of products, from every store imaginable...

Google AdSense Google's AdSense uses Googles search technology to automatically generate ads targeted to your pages content! You don't have to spend any time sorting out which ads should go on which page.

Basically it uses Google's technology to determine what type of ads to display. This means it does not require you to customize each add for each page.

Commission Junction    Commission Junction is an ad service that has a wide variaty of company ads to choose from.

I find a ton of websites I commonly use are avalible as associates through Commission Junction. Below is a list of many of the active associates used in ads throughout this site.

If you are planning to buy anything from any of these sites, please use these links before hand to help support this site! LinkShare is another ad service I use. It too has a long list of associates to choose from.

Below is a list of the LinkShare associates I use. If you are planning on buying anything from any of these companies, please use the links below!

Learn About Affiliates
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